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AKC FIT DOG (6 weeks)
You know that exercise is good for you and your dog -- help your pup lead a healthy and active life through canine conditioning and fitness.

The AKC FIT DOG Level One course is designed to teach foundation skills, expose dogs to a variety of exercise types including cardio, flexibility, balance and strength training, as well as, mental fitness and confidence building! Completion of this class will count as points towards your AKC FIT DOG titles! You do NOT have to be enrolled in any AKC program to participate in this class.
This class is not for dogs recovering from injuries, morbidly obese, dogs in pain, or young puppies. This is not a rehabilitation class.

First Class
April 17 2023
3:30 pm - 4:30 pm
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Di Matteson
900 East Patrick Street, Frederick Maryland 21701