Obedience Open Ring Events

The monthly (Saturday) obedience open ring events are an opportunity for you and your dog to do whatever obedience skills training, practice, “run thru,” acclimation play, etc. that you want to do (without being disruptive to the team in the other ring) during your assigned ½ hour ring time. You may arrange to have someone assist you during your assigned ring time. COVID POLICY FOR THESE EVENTS: BAD will continue to follow the current county and state regulations relative to COVID-19. Face masks are optional if you have been fully vaccinated. Masks ARE required if you have not been fully vaccinated. BAD cannot guarantee who has/has not received the COVID vaccine. If you or others in your household are sick, please do not attend.

General Information

  • A moderate temperature is maintained year around in building 2 where these events are held.
  • The two full size obedience rings in Building 2 will be used and standard ring equipment is available for the Beginner Novice through Utility levels.
  • All individuals attending or participating in our obedience open ring events MUST complete, or already have on file, our Waiver of Liability form for the current year

Entry Information

  • Cost – $15.00 for each ½ hour of assigned ring time. You may request more than one time slot.
  • Pre-entry is required and is to be sent by e-mail to pawsalways@comcast.net. Please provide your name, your dog’s call name/ breed, and your cell phone number with your pre-entry.
  • Pre-entries will open on the Tuesday prior to the scheduled Open Ring Event and close when the entry limit is reached or on Thursday at 8:00 p.m. of that week (whichever comes first).
  • If you and another participant plan to be of assistance to each other during your assigned ring times, it is suggested that one of you register for both teams so you have back-to-back ring time slots.
  • Ring times will be assigned as the entries are received. The first entries received will (usually) be assigned a 9:00 a.m. ring time; with an 8:30 a.m. arrival time expected (for signing in, paying, getting your crate set up, etc.). This every half hour pattern for arrival and ring times will then be repeated.
  • It is your responsibility to have signed-in and be ready to start your ring time as assigned.
  • You will be responsible for the set-up of equipment for use during your ½ hour of assigned ring time.
  • You may arrive earlier than we expect you to arrive by and /or remain after your assigned ring time. However, a minimal number of participants in the building at one time is desired.
  • You will be notified by e-mail of your assigned ring time when entries close. The run order of the participants for the day will also be provided. A wait list will be maintained; if you need to cancel, please use the form below to notify Cindy Harbaugh so someone else may be offered your time slot. 

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT Cindy Harbaugh via the form below, or cell 240-446-1383

Open Ring Time Dates

April 27 10:00 am
Training Building 2
May 18 10:00 am
Training Building 2
June 22 10:00 am
Training Building 2
July 13 10:00 am
Training Building 2
September 21 10:00 am
Training Building 2
October 19 10:00 am
Training Building 2
November 9 10:00 am
Training Building 2
December 14 10:00 am
Training Building 2

For more information fill out the contact form below.