Obedience Run Thrus

(revised 12/03/20)*  see check-in/registration and judging

Run Thrus are held in B.A.D. Bldg.2; moderate temperatures are maintained year round.

Two full size rings are used and AKC rules will apply.

NO HARSH corrections allowed.

What You Need To Know

In order to maximize the safety of all and adhere to current COVID-19 recommendations and mandates some new procedures are being implemented, and changes to the general format of the run thrus are also being made.  Additional changes may be made in future; check our website often.

For questions, you may contact Cindy Harbaugh, Obedience Run-Thrus Coordinator directly at pawsalways@comcast.net

  • If you or others in your household are sick, PLEASE do not attend.

  • FACE MASKS (THAT COVER YOUR MOUTH AND NOSE) ARE REQUIRED AT ALL TIMES OUTSIDE OF YOUR CAR.  Note:  A heeling pattern “fast” is not a “running sport” so a mask is required.

  • SOCIAL DISTANCING of at least 6 feet MUST be maintained in the buildings and on the grounds. Please also leave plenty of space between vehicles in the parking lot to help facilitate social distancing.  The gravel lot next to Building 1 at the end of the site will be open for use.

  • The two full size obedience rings in Building 2 are used for the run thrus

  • A moderate temperature is maintained in Building 2 year around.

  • ONLY AKC Classes are offered (Beginner Novice, Novice, Open and Utility); and AKC rules apply.

  • Runs are “called/judged” but are not scored. 

  • Cost for each run is $10.00Payment by cash or check payable to B.A.D. (There is no discount for multiple dogs or multiple runs of the same dog.)

  • Pre-Registration is strongly encouraged; and accepted by e-mail to pawsalways@comcast.net  beginning the Sunday prior to the scheduled run-thru date, through Wednesday of that week.  The (tentative) run order for each class will be emailed by Friday.  Payment will be taken at check-in on the day of the run-thrus.  Information required for your pre-registration follows.
    • Your full name
    • The name and breed of your dog(s)
    • Which class or classes for your runs *(Beginner Novice, Novice, Open, Utility)
    • Jump height (if applicable)
    • How many runs for each dog in which class?
      Lois Anderson
      Muffy, Poodle, Beg. Nov., 1 run
      Mia, Lab, Novice, 2 runs
      Mack, GSD, Open, 20”, 1 run
      Mack, GSD, Utility 20”, 1 run

Check-in and Registration

  • CHECK-IN/REGISTRATION for run thru participants and other attendeeswill be in Building 1 (the last building on the left).  Please leave your dog in the car while you check-in/register.
    • Doors open at 9am. 
    • Note:  Those who have pre-registered will be given priorityover “day of” entries.
  • Entries may not be made for another person. 
  • All individuals attending or participating in our obedience run thus MUST complete, or already have on file, our Waiver of Liability form for the current year. 


There will be NO crating in Building 2 where the obedience rings are.

You may crate in Building 1, OR crate out of your car.

If crating in Building 1:          (note: Building 1 has heat and fans but no AC.)

  • A minimum of 10 feet between each person’s crating area must be maintained so that people can pass each other; and AGILITY EQUIPMENT IS NOT TO BE USED.
  • A clean tarp or mat must be underneath your crate, chairs and other personal belongs.

Bathrooms and Potty Area

Restrooms are available in Building 1.  We cannot disinfect restrooms between every use; hand sanitizer will be on a table outside of the bathrooms (and at other locations in both buildings).

The grass dog potty area is near the gravel parking area next to Building 1. 

Judging (Building 2)

The “staff” will take a brief lunch break at their discretion.

  • Some adjustments to ring assignment and run orders may be made if needed.
  • Articles, gloves, dumbbells, and leads will not be personally touched by anyone other than the dog’s handler.  Tongs will be used by the “judge” and stewards to handle these items and the tongs will be sanitized after each dog.
  • For open and utility, run order will be by jump height in descending order.  This will apply to pre-registration entries and, to the extent possible, to “day of” entries.
  • Multiple runs of the same dog in a given class will be done with a minimal number of other dogs (1 or 2 dogs) between those runs.  
  • ONLY the “judges,” ring stewards, a dog/handler team in each ring and one spectator per dog/handler team will be permitted in this building at one time.
  • You will be advised when and where to “stage” outside of the “side door” to Building 2 prior to your run.  DO NOT ENTER BUILDING 2 UNTIL TOLD TO DO SO.   After your run, you will exit through the “front” door of building 2 and return to your car.  You will be expected to promptly leave unless you have another run. 

Run Thru Dates

February 27 10:00 am
Training Building 2
March 20 10:00 am
Training Building 2
April 24 10:00 am
Training Building 2
May 22 10:00 am
Training Building 2
June 19 10:00 am
Training Building 2

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