COVID-19 Policies

Breakaway Action Dogs has instituted the following policies during the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • Please do not enter the building(s) if you or others in your household are sick.
  • Always maintain a minimum 6-foot distance from everyone else including when outdoors.
  • Wear face coverings at all times while indoors, face coverings must cover the mouth and nose. Face coverings refers to masks, face shields are only permissible in conjunction with a mask. Masks cannot have exhalation valves and as recommended by the CDC, are preferred to be worn snugly and over the mouth, nose, and chin.
  • Only the registered participant may enter the building.
  • The number of people in each building will be limited to minimize the numbers in order to maximize the safety of all and will at all times adhere to current recommendations and mandates. 
  • Participants should wash and/or sanitize hands in between touching any non-personal items.
  • No participation without prior registration or pre-approval for the specific date and time from the instructor or lead.
  • Current class(es) must exit the building before the next class(es) begin.
  • There will be separate entrance and exit doors. Please follow this traffic flow.
  • If you want to use a chair, please provide your own. Club chairs have been removed.
  • Personal crate use is encouraged for those needing to crate dogs.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available just outside or inside the entrance doors and in other places in the building.
  • High touch surfaces will be disinfected frequently or between use.

For more information about the COVID-19 pandemic, visit the CDC’s website.

When BAD is notified by someone that was present at our facility that they have tested as COVID-19 positive, we will make notifications as follows via Facebook and email (newsletter and the appropriate trial chair/secretary and/or the Training Director). No personal information will be shared.

BAD has been advised that on ___ day/date, in Building ___ , someone was present that has since tested positive for COVID-19. 

BAD maintains social distancing, masking, hand washing and sanitizing, disinfection of high touch surfaces, as recommended by local and state authorities and the CDC. As such, the risk of transmission is low. If you are concerned about a possible contact, please consult with your medical provider.