Class limit 6


The successful completion of Intro to Rally, or with permission of the instructor.

Class Overview

This course teaches the style of World Cynosport Rally (WCR – formerly APDT Rally), a rapidly growing sport which promotes positive relationships between dogs and handlers, based on trust and mutual respect. The sport of WCR encompasses obedience skills and exercises which are easily transferrable to other rally venues, as well as to other canine performance sports. It is for people who have never done WRC Rally as most of the class time will be on learning the different signs in Level 1.

Students must be familiar with all the different signs in Level 1 Rally, which are done on leash. In this class, will run courses and work on different skills needed to maximize their scores in competition. They will be able to practice exercises, learn to read course maps, walk a course, learn about married signs, and different strategies that will work with their dog in order to be successful on a course. Students will learn how to register for WRC or AKC Rally and what the rules are in order to enter and show. We will also work on the different Obedience skills that are needed to be successful at this sport.