Class limit 6


Dogs must demonstrate mastery of basic obedience skills, successfully completed Intro to Rally, or with permission from the instructor.

Class Description

This course is an introduction to Rally Obedience, a sporting activity in which handler and dog perform a series of connected, on-leash obedience exercises on a timed course. The sport emphasizes the development of  a positive working relationship in a fun and interesting competitive environment. Basic Rally exercises from WCRL Introductory Level and Level 1, as well as AKC Novice will be taught. Performance and scoring guidelines from both venues will be taught for those selected exercises. Students will have the opportunity to learn how to read course maps and to run basic WCRL and AKC courses. Courses will test proficiency and speed in execution of a variety of turns and basic  exercises, demonstrating sit, stand, down, stay, front, and right and left finishes, while heeling on-leash.