Class limit 6


For dogs over 1 year of age.
The successful completion of Intro to Agility, or with permission from the instructor.

Class Overview

Continue work from the Introduction to Agility class and to learn the proper execution of all contacts. Students will learn the 2x2 method of weaving

Contacts:  Dogs will be introduced to all contact equipment; A-frame, dog walk, and teeter, with focus on how to correctly perform contact bottoms. Targets will be used constantly so it is very important that dogs know this skill.

Weaves:  Introduce dogs to the 2x2 method of weaving, including finding weave entrances and successfully working through 6 weave poles; additional poles will be added as dogs become successful.

Proper jumping style will be introduced at the end of the session, after all of the contacts are being executed in the proper fashion.


A-frame, teeter, and dog-walk will be successful at FULL height with confidence: emphasis will be on correctly performing contact bottoms. Dogs should be able to complete no less than 4 straight up poles for weaves.  Dogs should willingly be doing a sequence of 4 jumps in a straight line.